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    • Not Your Momma’s Easter Eggs

      Egg Treat - Finished Eggs dippedEaster is only a few days away, so I decided to do something fun to get ready for the holiday.   I invited my VP of Marketing,Read More

    • Dairy Sensitive?

      Beyond_Traditional_MilkAre you dairy sensitive, or do you suspect that you are?  Dairy sensitivities are on the rise, and it may not be lactose intolerance that isRead More

    • A Deeper Look at Dairy

      Dairy - Say No to Dairy with CowLet’s take a deeper look into cow’s dairy. Regular commercial milk can be found in whole fat, low-fat and non-fat varieties, and they are either organicallyRead More

    • Need A Salty Fix?

      Kale Chips - up close Brooke holding chipOnce in a while, I like to have something a little salty, but I don’t want to eat potato chips or anything too greasy.  I decidedRead More

    • Healthy Taco Night!

      Tacos with collard green wraps on plate  I love to have themed dinners on Sunday night if I can pull it off because the kids have so much fun!  This past Sunday, we were feelingRead More

    • Spring Clean Your Mind and Body

      Spring clean mind body lady in meadowAfter the holidays, we all get on a kick to get healthy, but many of us fall off the wagon. 92% of all New Years ResolutionsRead More

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