I used to think I was healthy. I was raised in a health conscience family. I exercised. I watched what I ate… choosing low fat, low calorie and low carb foods over other options. That diagnosis sent me on a journey to discover what healthy really means from the inside, out. At first, the kitchen was a scary and complicated place. The thought of making changes to what we ate and the products we used was overwhelming. The good news is I was wrong! It’s actually a more simple way to live. These pages are where I am happy to share with you what I’ve learned: about how food can enhance how you think and feel, about how to effectively replace the toxins that fill the cleaning and beauty products inside our homes, about how to handle the stress that can ruin all of our hard work. Hang out a little here and you’ll find what you need to feel empowered to permanently shift your life 360 degrees. This is your first step!



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