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On Sept. 9, 2013, I launched my online challenge with over 5200 active participants across America, and the October Challenge was buzzing with thousands more! Thank you if you were one of the active “challengers”! I truly appreciate all of the feedback and amazing testimonials I received. This “Challenge” was created out of a need that I had years ago, and it has been so exciting to see how many people across America needed the same thing!

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As Always, Live Healthy Love Life, Be Whole!

Brooke Thomas

Read below to find out what all the “hype” was  around the Challenge and why it was such a great success!

This Challenge was very rewarding and exciting to put together! I have spent the last few years, along with my amazing 360YourLife team, clients, friends and family researching, testing and living with adjustments to four key areas that impact our health. What did we discover? Since adopting a few easy changes we have seen a complete shift in our health! I’m excited to help you do the same. I created this one month challenge so you could transform your health in the simplest way possible-one day at a time! So many of us go through our day without really living our lives to the fullest because we don’t realize we are toxic. Whether you’re challenged with a recent diagnosis, struggling with your weight, or simply trying to improve your overall well-being, these simple daily steps will start you on a true journey to true health and wellness throughout your body and mind.

Below are the 4 KEY AREAS that we focused on for the challenge…


Detox Your Nutrition

Today’s Standard American Diet (S.A.D. diet) does not support a toxin free healthy lifestyle. Packaged snacks and fast foods have become a staple in our culture and on our daily menu. It can become very overwhelming and confusing to most of us when making choices about what to eat and what to feed our families. It is extremely important to recognize which foods can be toxic and can lead to inflammation in our bodies, which can ultimately lead to disease. We want to choose the foods that will support optimal health in our bodies. This challenge will cover gluten, proteins, fats, sugars, artificial colors, dairy and vitamins. We will focus on one topic per week to eliminate the toxins that could be lurking in our foods and replace them with healthy, clean alternative solutions that will help you on your journey to a healthier life!

Detox Your Beauty

The average woman exposes herself to dozens of toxic chemicals before she even walks out the door in the morning. To be a little more specific, the average women uses about 12 body and skin care products a day, each containing about 10 different chemicals, applying a total of 120 chemicals daily to her body. Only 11 percent of the 10,500 chemicals used in these types of products have ever been tested for safety. Amazingly, one-third of these chemicals have been linked to cancer! Research shows that your skin can absorb as much as 60 percent of whatever is applied to it. Your skin is like a sponge – as the largest organ in your body it takes everything in and then goes straight to your bloodstream then to your organs and cells. The products that you put directly on your skin have dozens of ingredients, some of which can actually be harmful to your body. From the shower gel to the last stroke of lip gloss, your daily beauty routine has an ugly and dangerous downside. Tossing those items that are made up of synthetic chemicals can ironically beautify your skin! This challenge will help you to get started to a new, glowing you!

Detox Your Home

Indoor pollutants can come from all different types of chemicals we use to make our lives easier every day – paints, carpets, furniture polish, household cleaners, and personal care products are just a few common examples. Many EPA studies indicate that elevated concentration of household chemicals persists in the air and long-term exposure to chemicals inside our homes may be harmful to us and our families. Reducing exposure to these chemicals can drastically increase our overall well-being and can even improve certain respiratory problems, allergies, and skin irritation. By eliminating or reducing toxic chemicals from your home, you’re also reducing your risk of certain cancers and health problems.

Detox Your Stress

Stressed Out? Feeling overwhelmed? This challenge is for you! Without our health, we truly have nothing. I used to live in a constant state of stress. However, when we are stressed, we truly cannot live to our fullest potential. We all need to take time to recharge our body, mind and soul. I want to share 7 different days and ways to start detoxing your stress! When you decide to take steps to reduce the stress in your life, you will start looking younger, have increased mental acuity, enjoying quality relationships, experiencing self-love, radiating inner peace, improving your physical appearance, achieving your goals and dreams, and becoming a source of inspiration for those around you. Wow! I don’t know about you, but I want all of that! It’s time to stop falling into the stress trap and start letting things go, so that you can experience the beauty of a healthy life from the inside out!

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Below are a few testimonials I wanted to share with you!

I am completely impressed with the thorough work you have done, Brooke! Everyone should take this challenge!
Kathryn Naif

Brooke really breaks this information down. I have heard some of this before from my massage therapist. It is good to have it reinforced. This is a work in progress for me. I have been diagnosed with high cholesterol so some of the recommendations don’t work for me. Definitely worth your time to read the information. There is no one there forcing you to do it, just encouraging you.
Kristie Rollman

I really appreciate the links to credible research and sources to confirm that I need to be aware of the safety and quality of my supplements. Thank you for providing an easy guide to making smarter consumer choices!
Leticia Andrade

I love this 28-day challenge! It’s engaging, simple to follow and easy to understand. Then of course, the suggestions for that day’s challenge make it complete!
Susan Knott

Great advice on how to eliminate toxins in your home!
Amanda Cook

I thought by the time I got to my age, that I’d know the healthy way of eating …was I wrong! My mom was type II diabetic, hypertensive and really overweight. I didn’t want to end up with the same health problems, although it looked like I was heading that way. I embarked on the task of losing weight… the healthy way! I’ve been really successful, but haven’t felt as healthy as I thought I would! Before embarking on the 28 Day Challenge I was totally oblivious to the harm certain foods I’d assumed were healthy, could cause. The awareness created has made me research healthy alternatives and definitely take more care when I’m out shopping. Thank you, from a heart that is definitely a lot healthier!
Sheila Norquoy

I’m learning so much! This challenge is helping me make healthier choices for my family!

I love that the “changes” are given in small bites. Simple steps on a daily basis gives me a chance to really focus on what is changing and why. I have been able to incorporate a lot of the challenge recommendations. I know this is a process but I feel empowered and find myself wanting to make better choices!

The 28 Day Challenge has opened my eyes to how simple these healthy changes can be! I have FULLY appreciated all the links and extra information. I feel positive about the future as my husband and I integrate all of this healthy and delicious information into our family’s diet!

This challenge is so good. Especially for people who want to change their lifestyle into a healthy one. After dropping 60 pounds since the end of March I have made a healthy lifestyle change. Brooke is so knowledgeable.
Andrea Palma

This challenge has opened my eyes to several alarming food issues. I feel inspired to make changes that will put my family on the road to eating healthy, real food.

I have been trying to adapt to a healthier lifestyle for the past nine months. I find this challenge to be easy to follow and also VERY informative.
Rhonda Till

As a Florida native I grew up in the old school of thought to put baby oil on the skin, lemon juice in the hair and lay out, and as a lifeguard I had more than my fair share of too much sun exposure. I now see a dermatologist annually to nip in the bud any pre-cancerous spots that appear. It is great to learn how foods and vitamins can become a preventative for future damage!!! The week, full of information, has been wonderful and very informative. THANK YOU for putting all of this together in one place! I look forward to the following three weeks as we work to learn and work on detoxifying our lives. Thanks again!
Elizabeth M.

Another great week of information. Thanks for the plant list. I am excited to add a new one to our home.
Dawn Kearns

It is going to be hard for me to say “so long!” to all my beloved products and fragrances, but thanks to the information contained within each of the challenges I know it will be worth it! I am grateful for the links to products that will help me feel lovely AND healthy!
Shariko Marble