Dealing with MRSA?

Many of my friends have asked me what to do in the case of MRSA.  I’d like to share an email I received sharing some good insights.  You can email me  ([email protected]) your further questions or how to get some of these great supplements listed.

What is MRSA?

(Causes, incidence, and risk factors)

MRSA is a strain of Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) bacteria. S. aureus is a common type of bacteria that normally live on the skin and sometimes in the nasal passages of healthy people. MRSA refers to S. aureus strains that do not respond to some of the antibiotics used to treat staph infections.

The bacteria can cause infection when they enter the body through a cut, sore, catheter, or breathing tube. The infection can be minor and local (for example, a pimple), or more serious (involving the heart, lung, blood, or bone).

Serious staph infections are more common in people with weak immune systems. This includes patients in hospitals and long-term care facilities and those receiving kidney dialysis.


Staph skin infections cause a red, swollen, and painful area on the skin. Other symptoms may include:

  • Drainage of pus or other fluids from the site
  • Fever
  • Skin abscess
  • Warmth around the infected area

Symptoms of a more serious staph infection may include:

  • Chest pain
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • General ill feeling (malaise)
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Rash
  • Shortness of breath

Here’s the email and thoughts from my respected friend Stan Pulliam.

Hi Stan! Other than a good foundational health plan, do u have any recommendations for a child that keeps getting recurring cases of MRSA? I know basic g kills MRSA but is it safe to use in a diluted form on the skin? Please let me know. I have someone that already started their child on incredivites, optiflora, energizing soy and extra chewable c but wants to know if there is anything else she should be doing?


Thanks so much!!!

There is nothing at all “super” about the superbug MRSA.  It is only referred to as a superbug because it is antibiotic resistant.  And since the false assumption is that antibiotics are the only treatment for bacterial infections, if you don’t have an antibiotic for it, you are all in a panic.

In fact, MRSA has developed largely due to doctors and their antibiotics.  As in the classic Sci-Fi movie Forbidden Planet, the monster they are fighting is of their own making.

But MRSA is no more “super” than any other infectious agent, and the body is perfectly capable of fighting it off IF you simply give the body adequate levels of the biological tools it needs to do so — as represented in The Bomb.

You didn’t say how old the child is.  But if, when the child has an active infection, they’ll give the child a version of The Bomb appropriate for the child’s size and age, not only will the child naturally overcome the infection, but each time they take this approach it will build a natural acquired immunity that will make them increasingly resistant to re-infection — as the body learns how to make its own MRSA-specific antibodies.  (Use of antibiotics turns this process off and actually makes the child MORE vulnerable to re-infection.)

Once any active infection is overcome with The Bomb, you simply need to find that level of supplementation — primarily the level of Vita-C — necessary to prevent reoccurrence.  As long as there are reoccurrences of infection, it indicates that the daily routine intake is not yet high enough.

How do you find that daily level that you need?  As long as there is any reoccurrence of infection, you keep increasing the daily level until reoccurrences are no longer happening.

When our children were small, we homeschooled, of course, and JoAnn and I were home, so all the other children in the neighborhood, whose parents were away at work, would congregate at our house in the afternoons when they came home from school.  All the children from a couple of blocks in both directions would be at our house playing every afternoon.  And they’d come coughing and sneezing with mucus running out of their noses.

Of course, as soon as any of our children showed the first sign of coming down with something that the neighborhood children brought in, I’d break out the Liqui-Lea and Vita-C and start Bombing them every couple of hours, and they’d overcome it very quickly, often before the day was out.

But on a daily basis I just kept increasing the amount of Vita-C our children were getting until I found that point where they were not coming down with everything the neighborhood children were bringing all the time.  I found that for them 4 Sustained Release Vita-C in the morning and 4 more at night was that level — so this is what they were getting every day by the time they were about 7 and 8 years old, along with their regular Shaklee protein, Vita-Lea, Herb-Lax, Alfalfa, and Lecithin every day.

This is a key, of course, to why we have never spent one penny on any of them medically for sickness.

Today as adults, they know exactly what to do.  For example, our daughter Christa is in Indianapolis studying Culinary Arts at Verity Institute, living in a dormatory situation.  All the other students up there are sick all the time, but she calls me up and says, “Dad, everybody up here is sick with the flu going around.  Send me some more Vita-C, Garlic, Formula I, and Optiflora!”

Parents should keep in mind that it is a lot less expensive to make the investment in staying well than the cost of being sick.  You can buy a lot of food supplements for the cost of just one trip to the doctor, not to mention the cost of prescriptions, tests, respiratory treatments, etc., that do absolutely nothing to prevent future reoccurrences!

Regarding topical outbreaks of MRSA, using Basic-G topically on the skin is not a company authorized or EPA registered use of the  product.  All I can say is that in 32 years since being in Shaklee and in the last 26 years of that also having children in our home, we’ve never used anything as an antiseptic topical spray on ourselves or our children but Basic-G in the normal cleaning dilution (a little less than 1/2 teaspoon to a 16 oz. sprayer of water).  This is all we ever used on cuts and scrapes and the like.  (There is no advantage to using a dilution any stronger than this.)  You can refer to my previous e-mail on “Properly Understanding Basic-G.”

We would also go around the house using Basic-G as an aerial spray to kill germs in the air after all the neighborhood children had left for the day, if it was obvious that some of them were sick.  And of course, if our children did come down with something, we’d wash their clothes and bedding and add a tablespoon or so of Basic-G to the wash in addition to the Shaklee laundry powder.


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