Healthy Lunch Swaps for Kids

Typical packed lunches in America today contain an unbelievable amount of harmful and scary ingredients. Did you know that a Lunchable has almost 200 ingredients?



It is crazy to think that many ingredients make up crackers, turkey, cheese, and a treat. Some other typical lunch items are snack packs like Ritz Bits Crackers (over 30 ingredients plus yellow dye), chocolate milk (27 grams added sugar), and fruity yogurt (over 20 ingredients, aspartame, and red#40). All of these items seem healthy until you turn them over to read the label to find ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial sweeteners, artificial dyes, added sugars, and a large amount of sodium. Childhood obesity rates, ADHD, and behavior issues have been linked to these ingredients.


Here are some scary statistics:

  • According to the CDC, one-third of American youth are obese.
  • By age 12, 70 % of American children are in the early stages of hardening of the arteries. (Tulane University School of Medicine Bogalusa Heart Study)
  • Food additives have been linked to hyperactive behavior and can trigger Asthma attacks. (WebMD)

Instead of filling our children’s lunchboxes with processed foods, let’s fuel them with REAL food with ESSENTIAL nutrients so they can thrive academically and athletically.

Start with Simple Swap Outs

  • Create your own lunchable using rice crackers, nitrate/nitrite free turkey, a protein bar, and slices of real cheese (use a cookie cutter to cut shapes of turkey and cheese)


  • Make your own version of Ritz Bitz by using whole grain crackers or for allergies use gluten-free crackers and nut/seed butter of choice then put in snack-size ziplock bags


  • Swap chocolate milk for chocolate coconut milk (27 grams of sugar vs 9 grams of sugar)


  • Make your own fruity yogurt by using organic full fat plain yogurt sweetened with honey or maple syrup topped with fresh blueberries or strawberries.



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