Macadamia Mahi Mahi

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Healthy Gluten Free/Nut Free Brownies

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Healthy Lunch Swaps for Kids

Typical packed lunches in America today contain an unbelievable amount of harmful and scary ingredients. Did you know that a Lunchable has almost 200 ingredients?  Read More

Easy Tips to Make Healthier Lunches for Kids

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Should I Go Gluten-Free?

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Nature’s Clues to Nutrition

      Nature gives us the biggest clues when it comes to using nutrition for optimal health. Food can be healing and nourishing to ourRead More

Got Hemp?

When you hear the word hemp you probably think of hippies and even those hemp necklaces that were popular back in the 90s. However, hemp isRead More

Nature’s Clues to Nutrition

      Nature gives us the biggest clues when it comes to using nutrition for optimal health. Food can be healing and nourishing to ourRead More

Reduce Skin Cancer Risk with Edible Sunscreen & Vitamin D

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Flip the Food Pyramid for Optimal Health

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Power Pregnancy Foods

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Memorial Day Makeovers

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Stop Allergies Naturally

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Carolyn’s Sweet Massaged Kale Salad

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7 Super Easy Swap-Outs

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Hospital Food

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10 Stress Busting Foods

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Is Nectresse Truly A Natural Sweetener?

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Super Shamrock Shake

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Avoiding BPA in Canned Food Items

28 Feb
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Often while I’m grocery shopping or doing pantry makeovers with clients, they are taken back when I bring up BPA in cans. While they believe thatRead More

Heart Healthy and Cancer Fighting Foods

Heart Health & Cancer Fighting Foods in the Grocery Store     As seen on Charlotte Today on February 8, 2013 As the words “heart attack”Read More

Prep For Success!

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Top 5 Power Foods

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My First Born is Turning 8 and I’m Almost 9 Years Cancer Free!

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Creative & Healthy Lunchbox Ideas (Your Kids Will Actually Eat)

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Jessica’s Butternut Squash and Chickpea Coconut Curry (Slow Cooker)

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Brooke’s Superfood Naked Burrito

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Healthy After School Snacks for “On-the-Go” and At Home

If your kids are like mine, they’re ready to start snacking as soon as the school bell rings each afternoon. With sports, clubs, and all theRead More

Choosing a Better Sweetener

26 Jul
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Often we hear we can’t have this and we can’t have that. Today, let’s talk about what we CAN have! Here are some alternatives to refined,Read More

Keeping Your Body Balanced

This is such an interesting topic! There are whole books written on it, but I wanted to give you an overview of it. Learn which foodsRead More

Our Daily Bread

20 Jun
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Standing in the bread aisle can be daunting. There are hundreds of bags of bread just staring at you with their enticing marketing ploys…whole wheat, extraRead More

Behavior Issues Caused by This

You hear me talk a lot about food additives, colors, and preservatives in our foods.  Not only are these tearing our health down, but did youRead More

Brooke’s Banana Bites

These freezer banana bites are a favorite in our family! With slices of bananas that are dipped in chocolate and coconut, they make a perfect biteRead More

The Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

Did you know that many of the chronic diseases that Americans have are a result of one thing? Inflammation. Inflammation can occur in one’s intestines due to 4 factors: Genetics, Environmental Toxins, Lack of Movement, but especially an unhealthy diet. Once we understand this, we can change a couple daily habits and reverse the damage the inflammation has been doing. When our bodies are inflamed, we are more likely to develop some of these fatal diseases:

Avoid These Scary Ingredients

Last month we discussed some shopping tips as well as knowing your ingredients and which products are hiding chemicals or additives. This list will help you as well. Oftentimes we look at the ingredient list and think, “well, that can’t be that bad for me.” But certain additives can be scary to your health. This list was generated by Eat This Not That authors.

Meet your Meat

You read “all natural” and “100% beef”.. but to be truly informed we need to follow that food back to how it was raised, what it was fed, what antibiotics were administered, and how it was processed for you.

Knowing your Labels

An average store carries over 47,000 products! It’s overwhelming to think of making that many choices. Manufactures are smart, they put labels like “natural”, “organic ingredients”, “pure”, “whole grains” on the front of their packages. But do we really believe those statements? Legally, they are allowed to write those words if it describes a portion of their item.

Shopping for Food 101

Have you ever stood in the grocery store and stared at the shelves reading all the claims those boxes make? Have you wondered who you can trust? Have you decided to buy something just because it said “all natural”, “whole grains”, or “organic”?

Sunshine in a Bottle

Seems like every status we read on Facebook or Twitter refers to sickness. They seem fatigued, worn out, and just basically “under the weather”. Why is this?

Holiday Survival Guide

It’s a wonderful time of the year! We are visiting friends all around our communities, and traveling afar to be with loved ones. But how can we stay on “track” during this time of the year? Here are some tips for you and your family as you keep a healthy mindset over the next few weeks.

Dr. Matt’s Healthy Egg Nog

Dr. Matthew has an incredible egg nog recipe you should try this holiday season! I can tell you, this is delicious! You won’t even realize it’s healthy, but your body will thank you!

Beware of Your Juice

Over the last few months there has been great debate over whether the juice we give our kids is safe.  Dr. Oz did his own study which started the great awareness of this topic. The FDA didn’t agree with his findings, but Consumer Reports wanted to make sure about the report, so they did their own test.

Truly Healthy Cookie

My girls and I are on a baking kick! With the cooler weather and halloween coming up, we are drawn to the kitchen for some yummy treats! Of course, we only want to make the healthiest treat though. After much experiment, I feel like I have the most delicious and seriously healthy cookie recipe! I am so excited about these!

Kani Salad Appetizer

We have received a lot of requests for this great, healthy recipe for your next gathering or football game day! To make it a touch healthierRead More

Creating a Thoughtful Lunchbox

Our kids are going back to school! This is an exciting time for them, but also emotional for us moms. I find it is so special to send them nutritious and thoughtful meals in their lunch boxes. This reminds them of your love for them as well as keeps their bodies full of goodness for their immunity and focus!

Shedding Pounds Can Be Simple

One of the greatest MYTHS about weight loss is that you can lose weight by just restricting your calories and increasing your exercise. This is what we’ve been told for years. Dr. Mercola recently posted a great article on shedding pounds easily, just by following some simple concepts. I wanted to share with with you as inspiration in your journey! These are a mixture of his thoughts and mine.

On The Go Food Tips

So, school is starting back soon!  This means “soccer-baseball-cheerleading-football moms” have a big challenge ahead.  When it comes to hungry kids, there’s such a temptation to grab a quick bite at the local drive thru.

The Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

So many people want to know if they have to buy everything organic and how important it is, especially if they are on a budget! In this day and age, I feel it is very important to try and buy everything you can organic.

Truth About This Poison in our Food

Our country is becoming one of the most obese countries in the world! Is this something to be proud of? How do we tackle this problem? One family at a time. Your family. You can take some of these tips and change the future of your family’s health.

Building Health or Building Disease?

Cancer is one of the saddest words we hear. Unfortunately, we hear it too often. Seems like with all the attention it gets in the media, we would be closer to a solution and a cure for it. In actuality, it’s only getting worse. In a recent article, Dr. Mercola shared some great thoughts that we agree with here at 360YourLife™.

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