Dairy Sensitive?

Are you dairy sensitive, or do you suspect that you are?  Dairy sensitivities are on the rise, and it may not be lactose intolerance that isRead More

Need A Salty Fix?

Once in a while, I like to have something a little salty, but I don’t want to eat potato chips or anything too greasy.  I decidedRead More

Homemade Coconut Milk

1 cup unsweetened, shredded dried coconut 4 cups filtered water Mix in blender for 2 minutes until pureed and smooth.   Optional: Add vanilla or honeyRead More

Homemade Non-GMO Soy Milk

2 tablespoons Shaklee Instant Protein Soy Mix 1 cup filtered water Add to blender and blend until well mixed.


Pina Coladas kind of scream summer! To me, I always think of relaxing on the beach when I think of a Pina Colada. However, these refreshingRead More

Vanilla Cashew Hemp Milk

This great dairy milk alternative is quick, easy, and delicious! Many people think that they need to drink milk for calcium to build strong bones, BUTRead More

Super Shamrock Shake

Ahh, those minty, festive, green shakes from McDonald’s that only come around once a year….some can’t think of St.Patrick’s Day without thinking of this shake. YouRead More

Healthy Hot Cocoa (Gluten & Dairy Free)

During these cold January nights, my girls love a cup of hot cocoa. It’s a sweet treat for them without all of the added sugar andRead More

Brooke’s Energy Tea

Morning, afternoon, or night this tea is the perfect pick-me-up! It reminds me of a Chai Tea Latte, but it is dairy-free and has all ofRead More

Mexico Vacation Inspired Recipes

HOLA! Greetings from Mexico! I’m on vacation with my family this week and I wanted to share some healthy Mexico-inspired recipes with you. I’ve tweeked themRead More

Apricot Vanilla Almond Milk – Dairy Free, Gluten-Free and Raw

Almond Milk is a staple in our home. Have you ever tried to make your own? Below is a recipe that is very satisfying to makeRead More

Dr. Matt’s Healthy Egg Nog

Dr. Matthew has an incredible egg nog recipe you should try this holiday season! I can tell you, this is delicious! You won’t even realize it’s healthy, but your body will thank you!

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