Healthy Halloween Treats

Fall is my favorite time of year!  My youngest daughter, Riley has a birthday mid-October, and the Halloween parties and hay rides are in full effect! Read More

Healthy Gluten Free/Nut Free Brownies

I love making healthy treats for my girls.  These Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies are so quick and easy to make you will love this recipe.Read More

Healthier Super Bowl Party Appetizers

Healthier Super Bowl Party Appetizers   (As Seen on Charlotte Today)   Healthy Super Bowl Appetizers NBC Charlotte Today 1/30/2013 My husband and even my girls LOVERead More

Healthy Hot Cocoa (Gluten & Dairy Free)

During these cold January nights, my girls love a cup of hot cocoa. It’s a sweet treat for them without all of the added sugar andRead More

Reagan and Riley’s Gluten-Free Pecan Pie

My girls had SO much fun making this pie. Their favorite things to do are cracking eggs and using the mixer. They are both almost betterRead More


Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Your Holiday Guests See Brooke Thomas on NBC Charlotte Today making Healthy Donuts! During the Christmas holiday, my out-of-town family tends toRead More

Healthy Stuffing

Nothing makes a holiday meal a true “holiday meal” like stuffing does. Flavored with spices and vegetables, this stuffing is clean and free of any fillersRead More

Roasted Veggies

These veggies are so colorful and look beautiful as a side dish to your holiday meal! You can use any vegetable that you like, but IRead More

Homemade Fresh Cranberry Sauce

This delicious dish is a fresh alternative to those canned, jellied versions of cranberry sauce that normally are loaded with sugar. This cranberry sauce is madeRead More

360YourHolidayTreats: Turn Your Favorite Holiday Treats into Healthy Ones Today!

360YourHolidayTreats Make your holiday sweeter than ever this year… without the guilt!  I couldn’t be more excited to share this Holiday Healthy Baker’s Treat Guide with you becauseRead More

Santa’s Snickerdoodle Cookies (Gluten-Free)

Santa’s Snickerdoodle Cookies (Gluten and Dairy Free) Santa will be sure to gobble up these cookies! They’re wonderful for Santa’s that are gluten-free or following aRead More

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix with Dairy Free Whipped Cream This is a great cake to  use during the holidays, for a birthday, or whatever occasion thatRead More

Not Your Momma’s Sugar Cookies

Not Your Momma’s Sugar Cookies (Gluten-Free) These sugar cookies are great for anytime of year, but especially during the holidays when kids want to cut outRead More

Dairy, Gluten, and GUILT Free Frosting and Icing

Dairy, Gluten, and GUILT Free Whipped Cream Frosting and Icing Both of these recipes are wonderful on cookies, cakes, or brownies. It is a wonderful alternativeRead More

Almond Butter Fudge

Particularly in the south, giving fudge as a gift during the holidays is quite popular. There are all types of fudge, but today we are focusingRead More

Ideas for Healthy Thanksgiving Leftovers

  After Thanksgiving, we always end up with heaps of food, even after we make plates for each relative to take home with them. As muchRead More

Sweet Potato Mash

We love sweet potatoes in my house! They are a great alternative to regular, starchy, white potatoes. Sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene that is aRead More

Thanksgiving Appetizers

We’ve all been there…our in-laws and all of our families are visiting for Thanksgiving. Dinner isn’t served until 5, but everyone is scrounging around the kitchen.Read More

Holiday Survival Guide

It’s a wonderful time of the year! We are visiting friends all around our communities, and traveling afar to be with loved ones. But how can we stay on “track” during this time of the year? Here are some tips for you and your family as you keep a healthy mindset over the next few weeks.

Dr. Matt’s Healthy Egg Nog

Dr. Matthew has an incredible egg nog recipe you should try this holiday season! I can tell you, this is delicious! You won’t even realize it’s healthy, but your body will thank you!

Pomegranate Poached Pear

5 Dec
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When you’re hosting a fancy evening for friends this holiday, try this recipe! You will enjoy not feeling so heavy after eating it, and your guests will be so impressed with it.

Pumpkin Pie

Another great recipe from Ivy Larson from Clean Cuisine! I just love her recipes!! She gives us a healthy version of the traditional pumpkin pie that you long for during this holiday season!

Gingerbread Cookies

Our friend Ivy Larson from Clean Cuisine developed this recipe! What a great idea to make this popular cookie this holiday season into a healthy and flavorful treat!!

Gifts of Health

We’ve taken the guess-work out of your holiday gifts this year! Why don’t you share your love of being green, being healthy, and being strong with your family and friends. Try some of these great gift ideas!

Truly Healthy Cookie

My girls and I are on a baking kick! With the cooler weather and halloween coming up, we are drawn to the kitchen for some yummy treats! Of course, we only want to make the healthiest treat though. After much experiment, I feel like I have the most delicious and seriously healthy cookie recipe! I am so excited about these!

Kani Salad Appetizer

We have received a lot of requests for this great, healthy recipe for your next gathering or football game day! To make it a touch healthierRead More

Brooke’s Gluten Free Brownie Pops

I am always looking for something to make with my girls that is fun and tasty, but also healthy! Try these next time with your kids or even as a grown-up dessert. My girls LOVED them, and I’m sure your family will too!

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