Sweetheart Pancakes

  I love living in North Carolina where we have beautiful weather all year long.  Since I’m a Florida native, I get so excited when NCRead More

Healthy Halloween Treats

Fall is my favorite time of year!  My youngest daughter, Riley has a birthday mid-October, and the Halloween parties and hay rides are in full effect! Read More

Macadamia Mahi Mahi

We love Wild Mahi Mahi in our home, so I am always trying new recipes to change it up and have some variety.  My girls loveRead More

Healthy Gluten Free/Nut Free Brownies

I love making healthy treats for my girls.  These Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies are so quick and easy to make you will love this recipe.Read More

Healthy Lunch Swaps for Kids

Typical packed lunches in America today contain an unbelievable amount of harmful and scary ingredients. Did you know that a Lunchable has almost 200 ingredients?  Read More

Easy Tips to Make Healthier Lunches for Kids

This blog was part of an NBC Charlotte Today segment. View the segment using the link below. NBC Charlotte Today Segment My girls are starting schoolRead More

Homemade Fudgesicles

Everyone loves a treat after dinner, right? My girls always want dessert and during the summer, ice cream seems to be the number one request! IRead More

Healthy Pool Party Food for Kids (and Adults)!

I wanted to share with you what I did for my daughter’s end of the school pool party at my house because it was so simple,Read More

3-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Fudge

Are you looking for a sweet treat that is Vegan, high in antioxidants, aids in weight loss, increases energy, boosts mood, AND is dairy and gluten-free?Read More

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Finally, a way to make pizza a little healthier! This crust is not only gluten-free, but it’s nutritious too! This recipe makes a small pizza, soRead More

Mrs.Dana’s Paleo Pancakes

Here’s another winning recipe from my girls’ favorite teacher. Serve these up for breakfast and start your day right! These are great for a weekend brunchRead More

Green Mac ‘N Cheese

Mac ‘N Cheese has no age limit, but we all know that kids could eat it for every meal. Boxed, commercial mac ‘n cheese varieties containRead More

Super Shamrock Shake

Ahh, those minty, festive, green shakes from McDonald’s that only come around once a year….some can’t think of St.Patrick’s Day without thinking of this shake. YouRead More

Banana Pops

This is a fun and healthy alternative to lollipops or sugary popsicles! It is NUT, DAIRY, and GLUTEN-FREE!   You will need: Cake Pop Sticks BananasRead More

Brooke’s Easy Energy Bites

I love easy recipes! Seriously, if a recipe has a ton of ingredients or directions, I won’t even give it the time of day! This oneRead More

Healthy Hot Cocoa (Gluten & Dairy Free)

During these cold January nights, my girls love a cup of hot cocoa. It’s a sweet treat for them without all of the added sugar andRead More

360YourHolidayTreats: Turn Your Favorite Holiday Treats into Healthy Ones Today!

360YourHolidayTreats Make your holiday sweeter than ever this year… without the guilt!  I couldn’t be more excited to share this Holiday Healthy Baker’s Treat Guide with you becauseRead More

Santa’s Snickerdoodle Cookies (Gluten-Free)

Santa’s Snickerdoodle Cookies (Gluten and Dairy Free) Santa will be sure to gobble up these cookies! They’re wonderful for Santa’s that are gluten-free or following aRead More

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix with Dairy Free Whipped Cream This is a great cake to  use during the holidays, for a birthday, or whatever occasion thatRead More

Not Your Momma’s Sugar Cookies

Not Your Momma’s Sugar Cookies (Gluten-Free) These sugar cookies are great for anytime of year, but especially during the holidays when kids want to cut outRead More

Dairy, Gluten, and GUILT Free Frosting and Icing

Dairy, Gluten, and GUILT Free Whipped Cream Frosting and Icing Both of these recipes are wonderful on cookies, cakes, or brownies. It is a wonderful alternativeRead More

Thanksgiving Appetizers

We’ve all been there…our in-laws and all of our families are visiting for Thanksgiving. Dinner isn’t served until 5, but everyone is scrounging around the kitchen.Read More

Creative & Healthy Lunchbox Ideas (Your Kids Will Actually Eat)

  It’s mid-October and I know all of you moms out there are tired and bored with packing the same lunches for your kids. Well, I’mRead More

A Thoughtful, Healthy Breakfast

Every morning I want to make sure that my girls start their day off with the best possible nutrition to fuel them for the best possibleRead More

Healthy After School Snacks for “On-the-Go” and At Home

If your kids are like mine, they’re ready to start snacking as soon as the school bell rings each afternoon. With sports, clubs, and all theRead More

360 Nut Butters

26 Jun
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Believe it or not, nut butters are very easy to make. Many products on the shelves at the store have added salt, sugars, and preservatives. YouRead More

Apricot Vanilla Almond Milk – Dairy Free, Gluten-Free and Raw

Almond Milk is a staple in our home. Have you ever tried to make your own? Below is a recipe that is very satisfying to makeRead More

360 Performance Pops

This summer your kids will be outside swimming, running, biking and playing all day! Get them hydrated naturally by making our 360 Performance Pops! Most performanceRead More

Brooke’s Healthy Frozen Bites

We all crave a frozen treat when it’s HOT outside! Instead of ice cream and popsicles, reach for a frozen bite of healthy yogurt. The proteinRead More

Brooke’s Banana Bites

These freezer banana bites are a favorite in our family! With slices of bananas that are dipped in chocolate and coconut, they make a perfect biteRead More

Gingerbread Cookies

Our friend Ivy Larson from Clean Cuisine developed this recipe! What a great idea to make this popular cookie this holiday season into a healthy and flavorful treat!!

Truly Healthy Cookie

My girls and I are on a baking kick! With the cooler weather and halloween coming up, we are drawn to the kitchen for some yummy treats! Of course, we only want to make the healthiest treat though. After much experiment, I feel like I have the most delicious and seriously healthy cookie recipe! I am so excited about these!

Creating a Thoughtful Lunchbox

Our kids are going back to school! This is an exciting time for them, but also emotional for us moms. I find it is so special to send them nutritious and thoughtful meals in their lunch boxes. This reminds them of your love for them as well as keeps their bodies full of goodness for their immunity and focus!

Brooke’s Gluten Free Brownie Pops

I am always looking for something to make with my girls that is fun and tasty, but also healthy! Try these next time with your kids or even as a grown-up dessert. My girls LOVED them, and I’m sure your family will too!

Brookies (Chocolate Protein Bars)

1 cup Shaklee Instant Protein Soy Mix
*(Sometimes I use 1/2 cup of the Instant and 1/2 cup of the Shaklee Cinch)
1 ¼ cup oats
½ cup of flax meal

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