Brooke Thomas, C.N.C.

President & Founder

Born and raised in South Florida into a health and nutrition focused family, Brooke became involved in sports and fitness at an early age. The vast majority of everyone in her family is in the health and wellness industry. She was raised on health foods, vitamins and holistic remedies from the time she was born. Now, a mother herself, she can truly appreciate the positive effects of how she was raised and the effects it had on her life.

Brooke graduated from Elon University with a B.S. in Business Administration. She is a Certified Nutritional Consultant in Holistic Nutrition from the Global College of Natural Medicine.  Also, she is a Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Instructor for school aged children. 360YourLife was born after her own battle with Stage 3 melanoma during her first pregnancy. She was desperate to learn how to build health in her own body and that later turned into a passion to champion healthy living on a more public level. To that end, she has done speaking engagements on healthy living for large corporations, hospitals and schools. Also, she is a regular monthly contributor to the NBC, Charlotte Today show.

Through the development of 360YourLife, Brooke has started a healthy lunch program and wellness committee at her children’s school. Also, she has designed and created a healthy lunchbox kit and recipe book, a healthy grocery guide keychain tool that empowers the shopper to make informed choices. Being a business woman and mother of 2, she knows how crazy life can get and how unattainable lifestyle changes can seem if they don’t fit into our grab and go pace. 360yourlife centers around complete health makeovers. Her services include not just teaching clients how to eat, supplement, exercise and rid their environment of toxins for optimal health, but giving them the tools to apply these changes to their lives to make the lifestyle change more manageable and lasting.

Brooke desires to educate, equip, and empower individuals to take their health and nutrition choices into their own hands, and realize that it is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle and to change the course of their lives. Although we now live in an age where there is a drug for every symptom, a fast food restaurant on every corner and a quick fix for every health concern, Brooke firmly believes that there is a health revolution that has begun. Mothers and fathers want to educate themselves on the pathways for their families to get healthy and stay healthy.

She hopes her mission will become your mission…Live Healthy, Love Life!


DrMatthewDr. Matthew McAlees, D.C.


Dr. Matthew McAlees completed his undergraduate education at the Palm Beach Atlantic University, he then continued his education and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Palmer College in Port Orange, FL finishing 9.5 years of schooling in just 7 years.  While in Florida, Dr. McAlees began helping patients rebuild their health in a Maximized Living Health Center, which was the largest wellness clinic in the world.

However Dr. McAlees wellness story started long before that. He is a third generation chiropractor beginning with his grandfather who was an incredible physician in south Florida who had won numerous awards and had a distinguished career of over 40 years.
Growing up Dr. McAlees had the privilege of watching children regain their hearing, cancer and heart disease reversing and families living a maximized life. Dr. McAlees feels both joy and pain when sharing his father’s story.He knows millions of people are praying for healing in their families but haven’t been given hope and don’t know how to overcome their health conditions.

Traveling throughout North America, Europe and Africa, Dr. McAlees has expanded the principles of Maximized Living.  Not only has he served as doctor for two world championship teams, Crossfit games of 2011 and 2012, and the USA Wrestling Team at the London 2012 Olympics, he has also accompanied and treated bands as such Hillsong, Tenth Avenue North, Third Day, and Casting Crowns. He is a sought-after speaker in the corporate world, sharing health and healing principles with Horizon Lines, Bank of America, Staples, as well as some of the largest churches in the country. His talent and driving desire for communicating healing truths have also been used to teach students at both Sherman College and Life University.  His passion for teaching has also taken him to third-world nations, explaining the practical truths of gaining victory over disease.

His experiences have led him to spend countless hours studying and researching to create procedures that help people reach their full health potential.  He is now speaking and teaching all over the world on the principles of gaining victory over disease.  Dr. McAlees is on a mission to save millions of lives around the world by educating and leading people to the promised land of health and healing. He hopes you’re next.


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