We love Brooke, Dr. Matthew and the whole 360YourLife™ team! My wife Ivy and I have been health and wellness professionals for over a decade and we know how important it is to educate people on how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. My interest in nutrition was sparked by Ivy’s diagnosis with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1998 and the change she made in her diet has given her back her life. 360YourLife™ is a tremendous resource of articles, videos, programs and more and we highly recommend Brooke and her team. It’s never too late to escape the cycle of unhealthy living and change your life for the better, and 360YourLife.com is a great place to start!
- Andy Larson, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.S.M.B.S.

One of the most important things I learned from Brooke and the 360YourLife™ team is how to interpret labels on food & beverages while grocery shopping. The packaging is so deceiving, with great marketing on the front of everything which is very eye catching. Brooke taught me how to recognize the negative ingredients on the back of the items. I was totally shocked to find harmful ingredients, preservatives & artificial colors and flavors in many of the foods I used to consider healthy. Even in foods that are directly marketed as being healthy.”
- Denise - Lake Norman, NC

Since meeting Brooke and the 360YourLife™ team not only has my life taken on a major transformation but so has my families. As a whole we’ve lost weight, ditched the doctor co-pays for sick visits and the never ending cycle of medications. We traded that constant feeling of fatigue for more energy than I know what to do with, reversed a hairloss battle and even have gotten off of heart medications! It’s amazing the difference in your health when you give your body proper nutrition that it needs. The 360YourLife™ team has also taught me that the vitamins I was taking were mostly synthetic and had very low absorption rates. Fish and meats that I thought were rich in healthy proteins, actually originated from factory farms that use supplements, GMO’s, steroids and foster deplorable conditions. The fruit that looks so fresh and clean from my supermarket is actually covered in chemicals and grown thousands of miles away.
- Heather Hirsch

I feel so fortunate to have found Brooke and 360YourLife™. After dealing with my sons sensory issues and ADHD for the past 5 years we are finally seeing some improvements since we changed his diet and added vitamins and supplements. I really used to think we ate healthy until the 360YourLife™ team taught our family about “real” food and how important good proteins are.
- Amy Bartel

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